So far I had the chance to work with a wide variety of software stacks from C++ and computer vision on Microsoft Surface (back then it was still the table) to Mac OS X executable instrumentation to Java web apps. This list briefly explains some of the projects I worked on.


Wunderlist 2  iPhone iPad Sync

At 6Wunderkinder, I worked as the iOS lead developer on the native Wunderlist app for iPhone and iPad until version 2.1 (released April 25, 2013). This project features custom cloud sync, networking, custom UI, concurrency, CoreData, among many other things.

University Projects

Random Racer  Mac 3D Game

3D racing game with procedurally generated NURBS-based endless terrain, multi-threaded physics and Quake-style console for Mac OS X.

Software Visualization  Mac Linux Low-level

I worked on the CGA framework and ported the low-level function-call tracing library, the binary patching, and the Qt UI from Windows to Linux and Mac OS X.

Demand Planning on Microsoft Surface  Windows C# Surface

Geographic visualization of demand planning data from a SAP database on Microsoft Surface table. For a demo of our prototype see the video (skip to minute 1:10).

Bachelor's Project: Lecture Browser  Web Video Search Thesis

We Implemented an annotation UI and a search engine for lecture recordings. The search happened in the extracted voice and OCR data of the actual videos.

Other Projects

Google Summer of Code 2011  Python C Open Source

Google sponsored my work on the Python interpreter which improved the performance and reduced the memory footprint of unicode strings as outlined in PEP 393. A modified version of this was released with Python 3.3.

Notebox  iPhone

An iPhone app for no-nonsense note-taking, synchronizes the notes with plain text files in your Dropbox folder.

ipfwPane  Mac Security

Provides a graphical interface to the packet based firewall built into Mac OS X 10.5 because Apple stopped shipping a UI for ipfw with 10.5. Source code on GitHub.

TextMate Bundles  Mac Open Source

I (co-)authored several of the early TextMate bundles including Diff and Subversion integration. Most of them are in TextMate's Subversion repositry or on GitHub.

WTF: Wandtafel  Cross-platform MySQL Qt

Multi-user production management application for book-binderies, targeting Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Custom developed in C++/Qt together with Robert Timm for a Berlin-based company.

More tiny projects are available on my GitHub page and in my Gists list.